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Now is the time to start enjoying those intense orgasms, and be the stud you’ve always dreamed of been. There are lots of other men like you out there, who want nothing better than to be great in bed, same way there are women who can’t wait to experience the thrill of those strong ejaculations. However, a lot of men are clueless as to how to make this happen.


Treat yourself to longer, stronger, more intense ejaculations that seem to go on forever.
Fill you lover with so much cum that they’re overflowing with it.
Enjoy the visual effect of a big strong load, with a great display of blatant virility.
Give your partner some wild and powerful orgasms

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You may see on average a 500% boost in your volume if used consistantly for a month or more

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Could boost volume and intensity of semen!

Apart from giving you longer, stronger and fuller orgasms, Semenax also helps you control your orgasms better, which means more stamina in bed. And the result when you eventually release will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Just imagine your partner writhing and moaning as you pleasure her like never before while releasing a load of cum all over her when you choose to; displaying your incredible stamina. Apart from being visually attractive, it is also biologically attractive – as a stronger and bigger load is often equated to better genes.

How exactly do these pills work?
You’re probably wondering how a pill can have such a huge effect on your sex life. The truth is that, there’s really no magic to it, it’s all science. The formula used to produce Semenax is quite technologically advanced.
This formula made it possible for this product to enjoy all those amazing reviews from medical professionals across the world. At the point of climax, every male organism requires the active participation of certain tissues, they include: PC Muscle, anal sphincter, rectum, perineum, ejaculatory ducts, muscles around the penis.

Your orgasm is actually triggered by contractions from the muscles mentioned above.
Note however that, these muscles only contract long enough to release the quantity of semen in your system. Your ejaculation automatically comes to an end when you run out of fluid.
This is why it is essential to have adequate seminal fluid if you really want to enjoy stronger and more intense orgasms.

An increase in seminal fluid will give you faster, longer and harder muscle contractions, resulting in more mind-blowing and intense orgasms.

This formula has been clinically proven to work – an increase in seminal fluid will lead to stronger, longer and more intense ejaculations. So, if you’re ready to start intensifying your orgasms and shooting stunning loads, then you need to find a way to boost your body’s seminal fluid production.

This is Semenax’s area of expertise - this daily supplement supplies men’s reproductive system with the necessary nutrients to turbo-charge their body and help them manufacture more fluids for stronger orgasms.

If you take a daily dose of Semenax for 60 to 90 days, you’ll begin to experience longer, bigger and more intense ejaculations with healthier semen counts in no time.

The formula is quite simple – more ejaculation equals stronger orgasms.

Before we can truly understand how ejaculation volume affects men’s pleasure, we must first examine the workings of the male climax.

We’re all aware that orgasms come from sexual pleasure. The muscle groups contract simultaneously when they experience orgasm. The rectum, anal sphincter, perineum, the penis muscles and the PuboCoccygeus (PC) muscle groups are all affected by these contractions. You cannot ejaculate semen without these contractions. The first sets of contractions have a huge effect on the volume and quality of ejaculation. They must be intense and come within short intervals ranging from 0.5 to 0.9 seconds. The contractions eventually begin to decrease in intensity and duration as the orgasm comes to an end.

You should also note that – the volume of sperm is triggered by the durability and intensity of your contractions, so the more durable and intense your contractions, the higher your sperm volume.

That’s why a lot of products are focused on finding ways to boost ejaculation volume. Imagine how impressed your partner will be when you shoot off an incredible volume of sperm. There’s no better proof of pleasure in the bedroom than that.

Semen volume also has a huge effect on our reproductive health and overall health, not to forget its effect on the male confidence. SEMENAX is the new face of the semen volume game. The male sexual and reproductive systems are quite complex, in fact, there are few things as complex as the sexual and reproductive system of a man.

So, if you’re really serious about maximizing your sexual life, you must ensure that all the pieces of this complicated mechanism are all functioning properly. Let us take a more critical look at the male sexual system.

• Ejaculatory ducts: The semen is released from this duct, during ejaculation.
• Epididymis: This is also called “holding tube”; it is where the sperm is stored before ejaculation.
• Testicles: I believe we’re all aware of its functions.
• Prostate gland: This is responsible for preventing urine from negatively affecting the PH balance of the sperm.
• Seminal vesicles: This organ is responsible for semen production.
• Vas deferens: This duct connects the epididymis to the seminal vesicles.
Most of the capsules, tablets and enhancers out there all promise to increase sperm and semen volume production significantly.
However, it is also important to pay attention to men’s sexual health in general as well as their individual solutions.

Note that, a lot of men often associate potency enhancement with fertility. So if you really want to achieve all these goals, you should go with a solution that not only increases fluid volume, but sperm quality as well. With SEMENAX , in addition to being bigger and more impressive, your load will also be more potent.

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