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It's a very simple guarantee plan.

We know that Semenax works and so we're happy to allow you to try it for 2 months. Yes, you could use it, reap the benefits and then return the product, but we feel that you'll be very impressed by the results that you'd rather order more return the empty bottles.

We are confident in our products and services and know that you just want a solution and not to be messed around.

Our customer base has grown massively over the last few years, and we have many repeat customers - those customers also had access to the guarantee offer but neveer took it - doesn't that tell you something?

Read below our refund policy, to find out the details. There are no strict terms and conditions with this, we won't try and wriggle out of it. What we do ask is that you give Semenax a really good go before making a decision.

Refund Policy

Our refund policy is simple. You have up to 60 days to return our product. Plus, the 60 days doesn't start for one week. This is to allow time for shipping. To make it clear, you may return our product at any time within 67 days of ordering. If you're not satisfied within that time, send our product back for a refund.

What if I have unopened bottles?

Simply return the first two empty containers (your 60-day supply), and all additional unopened containers within 67 days of receiving your order (60 day trial + one week return shipping), and we'll refund you the entire purchase price, excluding shipping & handling, for each returned item.

Our Privacy Guarantee

Your privacy is vital. To make sure your privacy is maintained, your order will be shipped in plain discrete packaging with a shipping label from "Leading Edge Marketing Inc."


We ship our parcels within 48 hours of receipt at the ery latest. We ship all around the world without any problems.

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Our guarantee is known as the best in the business. So much so, that our competitors deliberately distort what it is. When you use Semenax™, you'll have confidence knowing you can enhance your semen - risk free. You'll be fully guaranteed. Don't fall victim to misinformation.

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